orda cave

Dates, program, etc.

Nautilus has represented the dive center in the Orda run by Nautilus Perm for many years. All interested instructors and clubs are invited to take part in organization of the trips. The cave is available all year round, although the best period for diving is autumn, winter and early spring.
Orda Cave is located on the border between Europe and Asia. This fantastic gypsum cave is the longest known underwater labyrinth of corridors and chambers in Russia. In Orda Cave you can find unique underwater scenery: large white chambers, tunnels and vertical crack rocks, wall windows, arches, chambers, rock gardens. Each dive is different, there are many ways and possibilities. Orda Cave is unique on a global scale. It is an obligatory point on the cave map of the world.
  • the temperature of water in the cave: 5-6C
  • water transparency: 50+ meters
  • depth found: 22 m from the water surface
  • average diving depth: 10-15 m
  • very varied landscape: from wide, huge chambers to very narrow passes and landslides
  • length of the corridors labyrinth: approx. 6 km


- cave diving certificate
- cave diving equipment for cold-water
- dive insurance
- valid passport (with an expiration date of at least 6 months after the final day of travel)
- photo for the visa application


sample 4 days - 8 days

Day 1

Meeting at the Okęcie airport, departure to Russia. (additional option: stay and visit Moscow) Evening arrival, transport to the dive center (~2 hours, 130 km), dinner, check in.

Day 2

Breakfast, briefing (detailed check-in before each dive), preparation for the first dive; First dive - check dive, overview (discussion after each dive); lunch, Second dive, dinner, overview and next day planning,

day 3

2 nurkowania,

day 4

(breakfast, lunch, dinner),2 dives,

day 5

(breakfast, lunch, dinner), 2 dives. Sauna (Russian banya)

day 6

(breakfast), transfer to the airport; departure to Moscow and return flight.

  • The price includes:
    - 5 nights in wooden cottages, in double rooms. The cottage has shower cabin, separate toilet with a sink, vestibule, heating
    - 5 days full board (breakfast, lunch, dinner), tea and coffee -,,all inclusive”
    - care instructor
    - porters service for 8 dives during 4 days
    - 8 dives in the cave
    - full available infrastructure including WiFi, HiFi & TV equipment
    - rental of Sidemount tanks, twinset, ballast, air
    - 8 dives, 4 days;
    - 1x sauna - Russian banya
    - travel insurance
    - airport/dive center/airport transfer (approx. 70 euro/person - depends on number of people and amount of luggage)

Price & reserve

Groupes- price per person: 850 euro * + airline tickets Reservation: down payment 500 euro (tickets) + approx. 60 euro (visa procedure)
* The price above of 850 euro pp applies to the group of 6 people.

individual trips

At any chosen date, we can organize individual trips to Orda Cave.
The prices are as follows:

2 people
individual pricing
3 - 4 people

950€ /person +70 euro

5 - 6 people

850€ /person +60 euro

7 - 8 people

800€ /person +50 euro

10 people

760€ /person +50 euro

+ plane ticket – approx. 500 euro + visa to Russia and visa procedure - approx. 90 euro,
+ excess-baggage fees - approx. 50 euro for 23 kg each way

  • The price does not include:
    - dive insurance (about 20 euro)
    - flight (approximately EUR 500 depending on the date of purchase of tickets)
    - Russian visa (about 90 euro)
    - excess-baggage fees (about 50 euro one way - depending on the air carrier)
    - food other than offer
    - possible service tips (about 20 euro) and an optional trip to Kungur Ice Cave (transfer and entrance ticket 20-25 euro/person)


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30-347 Krakow, Poland
+48 12 266 02 02
+48 501 770 995


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Instructor support and courses: Artem Kirillov
Tours and service, transfers Moscow – Sergey Kovale (English, French, Espaniol, Italia, German, Polsih)
Service in the base - Volodia (Russian)
Owner of the Base – Andrey Gorbunov (English, Russian)
Media press – Andrey Gorbunov, Pavel LApshin